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Women over 40 Bear more Babies than the ones below 20 in Great Britain

The percentages of women over 40 years old who bear are greater than women below 20 and this happens for the first time after 1947, according to Great Britain’s national statistical service. The percentage was 15.2% for 1000 women over 40 that had born a baby at 2015, while the percentage was 14.5 % for 1000 women below 20 had born a baby last year.

The fertility rate increased at 3.4% the year 2015 in women over 40 years, while in women below 20 the fertility rate was lowered at 7.1%. In women below 20, the fertility rate is decreasing steadily from year 1999, while the fertility rate or women over 40 was tripled since 1981 until today.

According to the documents of the Great Britain’s national statistical service, the fertility rate has been increased significantly in women over 34 years old the last 40 years. The average age of women that have their first baby increases steadily since1975 and reached the 30.3 years at year 2015 in Great Britain…


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