What is the age Limit for a successful in vitro fertilization?

Specialists support that the successful percentages for IVFs are very low after a certain age.
According to a new research, the possibility for a woman over 44 years old to be pregnant using her own ovaries is only 1.3%. For this reason, researchers suggest to these women to get donor eggs from young women or to freeze their own ovaries before they reach their 35 years. They alos believe, that women that want to have a baby must have more realistic expectations from the IVF process.

The scientific team of the Medical Universtity of Barcelona, Spain mentions in a conference for reproductive medicine that the possibility for successful IVF for a woman aged 38-39 is 24%, 15.6% for age 40-41 and 6.6% for age 42-43.
As they explain, is desperate for a woman 44 years old to continue having IVF trials with her own ovaries. Also, they stress that for women that don’t know that the possibilities for pregnancy after their 35 years of age decrease continuously, wheres when they reach 44 the chances automatically become zero.


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