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The Appropriate Dosage of Intralipid in the Regulation of the Levels and Activation of NK cells for Successful Pregnancy

The Appropriate Dosage of Intralipid in the Regulation of the Levels and Activation of NK cells for Successful Pregnancy


Dr. Spyridon Papageorgiou, Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Specialized in infertility

Dr. Ioannis Toliopoulos, PhD, Molecular Biologist, Physiologist, Immunologist in Reproductive Medicine

Intralipid is a substance (i.v. fat emulsion) used in reproductive medicine for the regulation of the woman’s immune system. Initially it was used by American professors Dr. Coulam and Roussev, who discovered its use by investigating intralipid’s effect in BOTH the levels and activation of NK levels in reproduction.

According to the American professors’ clinicolaboratorial studies and the special training of the authors of this article, the RIGHT dosage of intralipid can be determined ONLY after the testing of individual specific diagnostic tests in a certified and expert immunological laboratory.

Moreover, the right administration of intralipid especially in women is performed only to i) decrease the number of NK cells in the endometrium, and ii) to decrease the activity of NK cells, which threaten the embryo’s life and development.

This is very IMPORTANT scientific information because there were cases, where women received 200 ml intralipid every other day for long period of time, and when the number and activity of NK cells was measured, both markers were not regulated and they were increased or didn’t change at all. This means that the administration of intralipid in this case was totally wrong and misbalanced the woman’s immune system without pregnancy.

Also, cases were reported for blind administration of intralipid at about 100 ml dose without diagnostic testing, which is a big risk for the correct regulation of NK cells. (It has to be clarified that the number of NK cells is totally different test from the NK activation test. When both of these markers are high, then their regulation is much more difficult and has to be determined ONLY by specialized doctors).

Based on all the above data, the NON proper dosage of intralipid brings the opposite results on the above NK panel tests in cases of unexplained infertility, rapid spontaneous abortions, and failed IVFs. (In other words, blind therapy without the desired clinic laboratorial results).

In conclusion, the appropriate diagnostic check and the targeted effective therapy in the right dosage of intralipid with the experience and the results of 30 years based on studies, can lead in the successful decrease of the number of the NK cells as well as their activation in the infertile woman, so she can have the great chance a hope to be pregnant and delivery a healthy baby after a successful immune therapy.


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