How Can we Prevent Autoimmune Diseases and Manage them with Biological Therapies

How Can we Prevent Autoimmune Diseases and Manage them with Biological Therapies

Dr. Ioannis Toliopoulos PhD. Molecular Biologist, Cliniko-Laboratorial Physiologist, Post doc in Reproductive Immunology

In the autoimmune diseases, while the orgamism’s antibodies naturally attack into external inflammatory factors, these attack to the organism itself and to its organs, without distinguishing it from external invaders. Autoimmune diseases are chronic, which may have various expression and seriousness. Sometimes, they appear in different combinations, so the testing with special diagnostic tests is mandatory in different levels.

The phenomenon observed for these diseases, while someone is in the limit to express or not express the autoimmune, the classical medicine rarely can prevent it, waiting for the person to express it putting him in the drug program, which is very very expensive for these diseases. It is absolutely certain until today that the patient never gets cured, which means that he always lives with the symptoms and the side effects of the drugs, which are catastrophic for his/her health.

Examples of Autoimmune diseases
These diseases are mentioned as diseases of the connective tissue
Nervous System
• Multiple-Sclerosis
• Heavy Myasthenia
• Autoimmune Neuropathies
• Guillain-Barré Syndrome
• Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
• Malignant Anemia
• Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia
Blood Vessels
• Temporal Arteritis Malignant Anemia
• Anti-Phospholipid SyndromeΑντιφωσφολιπιδικό Σύνδρομο
• Wegener’s Granulomatosis
• Behçet’s Disease
Endocrine Glands
• Diabetes type 1
• Θυρεοειδίτιδα του Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
• Autoimmune ovarian and testicular disease
• Αυτοάνοση disease of suprarenal glands.
Gastrointestinal System
• Crohn’s Disease
• Primary biliary cirrhosis
• Autoimmune Hepatitis.
• Vitiligo
• Herpetiformis Dermatitis
• Pemphigus
• Psoriasis
Many organs (including skeletal muscular system)
• Ankylosing Spondylitis
• Reumatoid Arthritis
• Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
• Scleroderma
• Polio
• Sjogren’s Syndrome

How to avoid the autoimmune disease- What you MUST do

The first thing that you must do if he is in danger to get hit by autoimmune disease is to regulate the phyco-neuro-endocrino-immune axis (P.N.E.I.) and specifically to reprogram both directions, which are the phycosomatic and somatophysic. This can be achieved with complex biological supplements, which contain many messengers and regulate the whole P.N.E.I. axis through the matrix (endocellular space), which results in the complete regulation of the brain and the subconscious, the thyroid gland, the hormones, and the immune system. With this regulation, the activation of autoimmune diseases may avoided permanently.
The second thing you must do is the strategic targeted detoxification. This step can be done by diagnosis which is based on the method of electromagnetic fields, and must be performed by specialized doctor in order to be tested the level of the toxicity of the organism whether is first, second or third degree. By this way the organism can be clear from toxins and the drugs or biological supplements can be absorbed and work efficiently. If the process of detoxification won’t be performed, the therapies look like they hit to a wall.

The third thing you must do is to perform you energetic profile (bioresonance). In other words, to check your abnormal frequencies in your organism and also test if there are miasmas, which are traces from bacteria, parasites, viruses, which can’t be diagnosed by the regular blood tests in their early action to the body.

The forth thing you must do is hair analysis for the investigation of heavy metals, and minerals and trace elements, which are necessary for the organism, so ONLY the right dietary supplements can be administered for your organism.
The fifth thing you must do is to investigate for electromagnetic and geopathic stress at your place you work or live. The electromagnetic radiation is daily very dangerous for your health. This radiation acts invisibly and therefore you must protect your organism. Also, the geopathic stress can cause unbelievable situations in your health.

How can the autoimmune disease be regulated?
When a patient is fully diagnosed for autoimmune disease, he shouldn’t be worried because his physiology can be regulated with natural methods with no side effects. In othere words, you must handle your organism in such a way in order to succeed a full balance avoiding side effects from the drugs you take. This can be achieved by testing your energetic profile ONLY by specialists who can regulate you, and with the specific diagnostic test for 13 cytokines from your serum. This test must be performed in order to show whether the patients suffer from autoimmune disease if he expresses more the lymphocytes type 1. This means that cytokines that are expressed in type 1 must be regulated in order to diminish the symptoms. For instance, if there is a increase in concentration of interleukin 8, this means that the patient has chronic or acute stress, chronic inflammations, symptoms that are common in autoimmune diseases, Depending on the character of the autoimmune, the patient may express on or more cytokines and therefore the patient must require a more complex therapeutic approach.

The therapeutic or regulating approach can be achieved with biological –regulatory supplements, dietary supplements, which can be administered ONLY with individual diagnosis. Also, therapeutic frequencies, which are more than enough nowadays, for all autoimmune diseases can regulate and decrease the symptoms and simulatneously increase the physiology of the organism without side effects. So, the combination of classic and complementary medicine is the only trustworthy solutions for the autoimmune diseases and none of the two can stand by itself for the individual regulation of the human physiology.

NOTE: The autoimmune diseases CAN be prevented AND can be handled with specific targeted diagnosis and individual treatments. Also, you NEVER stop your medication, BUT in addition with biological therapies can relieve your pain and decrease many of your symptoms and have a normal daily life.

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