Our Doctors

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Dr. Spyros Papageorgiou, Gynecologist

Dr. Spyros Papageorgiou graduated from Medical school in 1996. He specialized in gynecology-obstetrics and he was especially trained in embryo prenatal screening at LUBECK UKSH, Germany with certification from the Fetal Medical Fundation UK FMF-ID 97513.

He is also trained under the guidance of Dr. Roumen Roussev in infertility, RSAs, and failed IVFs, and he keeps on getting educated in the new scientific data in reproductive medicine with main purpose the successful pregnancy of women that seek a baby.

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Dr. Ioannis John Toliopoulos, Molecular Biologist

Dr. Ioannis John Toliopoulos studied in Chicago, USA, molecular biology with full athletic and academic scholarship. Later, he studied the basic sciences in an English Hungarian Medical University and then he returned to Greece where he was granted the PhD. diploma from Ioannina Medical University in the department of Physiology.

Recently, he was trained by professors Dr. Roussev and Dr. Coulam in Chicago, where he was granted the Post Doc diploma in Reproductive and diagnostic immunology. At the end of 2006, he founded a nonprofit foundation called Konstantinion Research Center of Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology, where nowadays he is the president.

PhD. in Physiology, Post Doc in reproductive immunology

Physiologist, Bioimmunology

Our Supervising Professors

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Dr. Roumen Roussev, Reproductive Immunology and Endocrinology

Dr. Roumen Roussev is a medical doctor specialized in reproductive Immunology and Endocrinoloy.. Later he was granted his PhD. and Post Doct in USA. He is working professionally for more than 30 years in the issue of infertility helping thousands of couples all over the world, but mainly in USA.

He owns an reproductive center, an IVF center, and an immunology lab, where he develops innovative diagnostic tests. Most of his results have been published in international journals, and he was an invited speaker in many international journals in reproductive medicine. Nowadays, he is also a medical professor.

MD and PhD degree in USA.

Postdoc and PhD degree in USA.
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Dr. Carolyne Coulam, Reproductive Endocrinologist

Carolyn B. Coulam, M.D., a well-respected Reproductive Endocrinologist, is board certified in the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology and in the sub-specialty of Reproductive Endocrinology. Dr. Coulam graduated from the University of Utah College of Medicine in 1967 with a degree in Medicine and a Master’s degree in Biochemistry.

While on the staff of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Coulam was Chair of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and established the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) program at this institution in 1983. She became Professor at the Mayo Medical School in 1984 and in 1985, was appointed Chair of the Division of Reproductive Biology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Today, Dr. Coulam is Director of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Research, and director of an Immunology Laboratory. Dr. Coulam has a world-renown reputation, spanning 30 years, for providing devoted care to her patients and for her contributions to medical/scientific education and research.



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