Case Report of Successful Pregnancy of 51 year old lady after many Failed IVF trials

A couple (woman 51 years old and husband 56 years old) came to our center at 2013 with intense phycological and emotional stress because of the result of a failed IVFs trial at 2012. Their desire to get at least a child was too obvious. The woman was at menopause three years ago without health problem, while the husband was quite health with good sperm quality. The diagnostic testing was done to detect the reasons for the failed IVF was Ultrasound and complete gynecological check up, which did not show any pathological findings. So the diagnostic blood tests discussed were Natural Killer Cells levels and their activity and embryotoxicity assay (ETA), where our team explained fully about the potential and the advantages of these tests in the diagnosis as well as in the therapy.

 The results showed that the subpopulatin of NK cells in the area of endometrium was increased while the NK activity and ETA were at normal values.

Then treatment with fat soy oil emulsion and baby aspirin followed, and then a successful embryo implantation IVF was performed with the addition of low molecular weight heparin.

There were 2 hemorrhages during the 5th week of pregnancy and the administration of aspirin was ceased. Also a rapid spontaneous abortion happened in this pregnancy at 7th week.  The major reason for this failure was that the time wasn’t sufficient for a better immunological preparation of the pregnant woman and because of the sudden call of the woman for the embryo transfer.

Later, after four months 3rd IVF trial occurred with fat soy oil emulsion dosage and aspirin for two months, and then embryo transfer of two embryos took place and low molecular weight heparin was added. The result was the two embryos in the endometrium. Later, treatment with fat soy oil emulsion was administered after the confirmation of pregnancy, so any RSA danger could be avoided during the first trimester.  The surveillance of the pregnancy during the whole time was done by Dr. Papageorgiou Spyros, as specialist in the prenatal embryo check up. During the 12th week of the pregnancy, nuchar translucency screening was performed and the possibility for chromosomal anomalies of the embryos was low.

The pregnancy continued normally without any certain problem until the detailed level 2 ultrasound from Dr. Papageorgiou Spyros, where everything was ok and there was no reason for amniocentesis. The lady showed at 32nd week some kind of vaginal bleeding and therefore she was checked every twice a week until week 34 where she had two episodes of bleeding and that was the reason the babies were delivered immediately with cesarean section. There were one baby boy with 1680 grams and a baby girl 1800 grams, which were transferred to intensive care unit of the hospital without any problems.

CONCLUSION: For higher rates of successful IVF, the couple must know how to search for specialized doctors that know about targeted immunological markers such as NK levels, NK activation, and ETA in order to regulate therapeutically these markers, so the failed IVF trials can be decreased and the couple can have at least a health baby with low cost. Also, the couple will have the potential to perform less IVF trials with MORE possibilities for a successful pregnancy.

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