Case Report of 44 Year Old Lady that Proves the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Efficacy of Cytokines Expressed from TH1/TH2 Cells

The diagnostic targeted testing approach of the evaluation of 13 cytokines in patient’s serum is one exceptional immunological test, which contributes significantly in checking the immunological status of the patient. Also, this test gives the potential to the therapist to regulate the physiology of the patient and individual to restore the general health.

Specifically, female was diagnosed for allergic rhinitis from specialized physician due to the symptoms that patient mentioned without diagnostic testing, and she was administered with 2 known antistaminic drugs. Later, the following tests were advised: ultrasound of thyroid and to the face and laboratorial tests such as general blood test, urea, creatinine, LDH, CPK, anti-nuclar antibodies (ANA), P-ANCA, C-ANCA, vitamin B2, IgE, culture for ureoplasma and mucoplasma, microscopic analysis of vaginal liquid, and the thyroid tests TSH, T3, T4, anti-TPO, anti-TG.

All the above tests were normal except the white blood test were 12150/μl and the antibodies against the thyroid gland which was anti-TG 364 IU/ml. Surely, these results don’t justify the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis and the worse result was that the antistaminic drugs caused side effects and fatique and exhaustion, and our team suggested to quit these drugs and we suggested the 13 cytokines immunological test of TH1/TH2 Cells. The test showed that inteleukin 5 (IL-5) was quite increased with the value 2550 pgr/ml. The rest of cytokines were at normal values. The increase of IL-5 in the serum according to the international scientific bibliography is expressed in patients that suffer from intestinal parasitosis, have abdominal cramp pains and have recurrent respiratory infections.

Based on the above data, the recommendation for the patient for one month was high dosages of Vitamin C and Probiotics for the regulation of the gut flora and the fight against parasites. At the end of the month after the above therapeutic approach, recheck was done in the cytokines, IgE, and general blood test.  Interleukin 5 was significantly reduced at 64 pgr/ml, IgE was negative and the white blood cells were regulated at normal range of 6150/μl, while the patient was totally relieved from symptoms.

In conclusion: it has to be stressed that the individual specific targeted test for cytokines ΤΗ1/ΤΗ2 is important to be performed and evaluated ONLY by specialists that know how to diagnose and explain the immunologic role of cytokines in the extracellular space (matrix) because by the way the reason of the disease can be easily investigated so complete therapy can be achieved for full relief of symptoms. Also,  it has to be noted that the balance for lymphocytes ΤΗ1/ΤΗ2 is very important in human immunology and physiology and the directions towards either side leads to autoimmune diseases, carcinogenesis, chronic allergies, asthma, and others. Furthermore, the expression of each cytokine in the matrix has been measured and evaluated the last years, and can potentially lead the doctor in full diagnostic value according to the international literature and obviously this test is necessary for prevention and therapy for most diseases.

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