Case of Sperm Regulation with Biological Therapies after Long-term Exposure to Microbes

Dr. Ioannis Toliopoulos, PhD, Molecular Biologist, Physiologist, Post doc in Reproductive Medicine
Dr. Spyridon Papageorgiou, Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Specialized in infertility

Man 33 years old, faced a serious sperm problem continuously for a year, where he was detected for E.coli in a sperm culture by the classical diagnostic techniques. He went to 2 different medical specialties, where he was administered antibiotics without success. The sperm culture was always positive in E.coi so the patient was too much stressed and he was desperate.

After one year, he visited our center, where the diagnostic part was performed with the technology of electromagnetic fields-bioresonance and mucoplasma and urea-plasma was detected, which blocked the sperm’s vitality and generally fertility. Also, gastritis was diagnosed and the enteric flora in affected in the intestine, maybe due to the long time taking antibiotics. He was given biological therapy with targeted detoxification, stress regulation, a therapeutic approach with EMF frequencies was performed, and he was advised for probiotics orally for the restoration of the enteric miroflora.

The patient after 3 weeks, he performed sperm culture and surprisingly he was informed from the lab for first time that it was negative. Besides, the positive laboratorial result, he was advised form maintenance therapy ONLY with biological supplements and up to today he is doing fine.

The conclusion for this case is the someone has to be very careful with the diagnostic part because even the classical diagnostic techniques can not show the problem, but some signs only if the symptom exists. Also, the combination of bioresonance with biological supplements without side effects, can regulate the physiology of the human organism, BUT the patient has to be very careful the doctor that chooses because the trained on only can make the difference for fast and positive results.

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