Case of 35 year Old Lady with Twin Successful Pregnancy after 4 Failed IVF Trials

A 35 year old lady visited our center after 4 failed IVF attempts in Public IVF center in Northern Greece. First of all, she was asked why the IVFs failed and she didn’t get any answer from them. Our Center received a full medical history from the lady and her husband (39 yearls old). Our Center cleared out that the husband wasn’t the problem by testing his sperm not by the classical sperm analysis, but by the DNA fragmentation, which is more specific test for the genetic condition of the sperm and generally its quality.

The husband’s sperm was normal so the issue was targeted to the wife. After a gynecological examination, hydrosalpinxes were found in both sides, which existed from the past and besides this issue, she was put in 4 failed IVF trials. Surgery was performed for removal of both salpinxes. The rest or the classical diagnostic tests, which were performed form the IVF centers were normal. Our center performed the specific tests of NK cells (total, endometrial, and the NK activaty), embryotoxicity (ETA), and PLA (platelet leukocyte aggregates). The results showed high levels of endometrial NK cells and high NK activity. ETA was negative, while PLA was 3 times higher than normal levels.

The major reason for the 4 failed IVFs was the NK cells in the endometrium, where their receptors were so much activated in order to kill embryo and wouldn’t let it get implanted into the uterus. Our center administered targeted intravenous therapy with soya oil emulsion once in the beginning and once before the embryo transfer. Also, baby aspirin was administered 2 months before the embryo transfer. The fifth IVF trial took place in a private IVF center in Northern Greece.

The result was a twin pregnancy and today the 35 year old lady is in the 25th week of pregnancy. When she was diagnosed with a positive pregnancy test, she was administered with a low heparin molecular weight dosage because of the diagnosis of PLA.

Conclusion: The targeted diagnostic and therapeutic results from an expert trained scientific team, which is recognized from the international association of reproductive immunology, gives great chances for reproductive to couples even with failed IVFs, BUT couples must be very careful who to trust and check the trust and the morale of the IVF centers that will collaborate in the future.

Note: Couples must be very careful where they perform their diagnostic tests, ESPECIALLY in the reproductive immunology, because our center has investigated cases that were diagnosed with NK problems, and were totally disregulated and the result was that the couple did many IVF trials without positive results. So, couples must filter very carefully data and must have long talks with the IVF center before they take another trial in order to succeed for pregnancy, save money and decrease eventually their psychological stress.

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