NK Activated Cells in Infertility

The Role of NK Activated Cells in Infertility, RSAs, and Failed IVFs

Platelet-Leucocytes Aggregates Test

Platelet-Leucocytes Aggregates (PLA) The new important test for identification of thombic events in RSAs and failed IVFs

Reproductive Results based on Immune Diagnosis

Reproductive Results based on Immune Diagnosis in Cases of Infertility, RSAs, and IVF Failures.


When a couple should get into IVF procedure?
How can husband’s sperm quality be determined?
Why NK activation test is very crucial to reproduction?
How anti-parental antibodies influence reproduction?

Why Us?


High special diagnosis from very well trained doctors offer targeted diagnostics and therapies in all cases such as infertility, RSAs, and failed IVFs.

High moral and deontology

Our team has to right ethics because trained abroad to assist a couple the right way.

Continuous training abroad

Our team is trained and recognized by international medical societies in reproductive medicine and gets the innovations needed for couples from first hand.

High percentage results in fertility

Our team gives a chance for the couple to maximize its possibilities for a successful normal pregnancy or IVF.

Even miracles take a little time!

Fertility Biocenter


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  • Medication Drugs History
  • Surgical Operations History if exists
High specificity and speciality in fertility
Targeted individualized diagnostic tests and therapies
Low cost and safe time

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